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Memorize speeches, books, names, numbers, facts about people and more!

Memory touches every facet of our lives. A good memory helps to build strong relationships, a successful career, and improves everything we do.

I began a journey developing this memory course over seven years ago. I learned about memory mnemonics, natural memory, and learning curves. On the journey, I discovered a lost art that has been practiced for thousands of years. Through the centuries, many scholars used a disciplined approach to memory in their studies. For example, Thomas Aquinas, a famous theologian, was said to have memorized every book he ever read using memory mnemonics. I found that fascinating. Many scholars considered memory to be a crucial discipline. Like exercising a muscle, we can exercise our brain. A strong memory is the result of exercise to cultivate our minds.

I decided to make a memory course that would combine the wisdom of the past with the scientific improvements of today. This memory course is the highly anticipated final product. I'm excited about this course because it will increase your effectiveness in remembering anything. In this course, we teach a curriculum that was compiled from experts across the education field, health research, and past history. We use insights gained from memory experts, psychologists, doctors, neurologists, and computer science learning algorithms.

Memory Mnemonics: Speed-Up Your Memorization

We begin with basic memory mnemonics as taught by a number of modern and ancient memory experts. Thomas Aquinas, Aristotle, and many ancient scholars used memory mnemonics to memorize vast amounts of information. Imagine traveling bards who would memorize poems like the Odyssey and the Illiad using memory mnemonics. Modern day memory experts can memorize a deck of cards in under a minute (my best time so far is 5 minutes), and accomplish many other memory feats.

Learning Curves: Increase How Much You Can Remember

In this course, we combine memory mnemonics with recent scientific breakthroughs in education. We will teach you about your optimal review time periods. The real test for memorization comes after you memorize information. Your brain has specific time increments during which you should review vital information or you'll lose it. Think of all the education that you received in high school and college. How much of it do you actually remember? After spending thousands of dollars on education the information is forgotten after only a few months. However, if we review those memories, they grow exponentially. Your brain has a nearly limitless capability to store information. Read on if you want to know more.

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A Learning Curve Example

Let's say you wanted to memorize the entire New Testament of the Bible. In order to do this, you must memorize the information, and review that information. Perhaps, you can memorize 3 verses in 15 minutes, and it takes you 5 minutes to review 3 verses. Let's suppose you didn't know how to optimize your learning curves, and instead you simply try to review all the verses you've learned once every month.

By the end of 7 years and 3 months, you'd need thirteen and a half hours every day just to review the verses you had already learned. That's an impossible task.

Instead, if you use your optimal learning curves, you'd only be spending one hour a day on review. That's a 1300% improvement! Learning curves make impossible learning goals possible. That's why we claim that you can memorize thousands of memories using our memory course. We give you a Review Webapp that will tell you when to review your information. Then we teach you memory mnemonics which will allow you to memorize information FAST. Combine these tools with a bit of hard work and you can remember thousands of memories.

Focus and Neural Nets

Now, let me take you to the third crucial leg in our memory course: focus exercises and neural nets. Your brain is made-up of cells called neurons. Your focus determines which neurons thrive or die. Improving your mental focus will improve all areas of your brain. This is the glue that holds together the scattered memories you have in your mind. decided it was crucial to teach focus exercises alongside memory improvement strategies.

Other Practical Advice

To wrap up our tour down memory lane, we have included information about how to keep your underlying body and brain strong. Let's face it, if you're living an unhealthy life, your memory will feel it too. We'll discuss the basics of keeping your body and brain healthy through nutrition, exercise, and your overall life ethos.

This overview gives you a taste of what this memory course is about. We are serious about giving you the tools to improve your memory. We also believe in the information we're sharing. That's why we offer a money back guarantee. If you don't think we held up our end of the bargain, simply ask and we'll give you your money back.

BUY NOW to pay $19.99

Receive a 30 day memory course, and 2 month access to's Memory Gym.


Money Back Guarantee

We believe in this product so strongly that we invite you to try the first seven days with a full 100% money-back guarantee! If you aren't satisfied, then we aren't satisfied.

This memory course will show you how to memorize names, numbers, verses, speeches, facts about people, how to strengthen your underlying memory and much more! On top of all that, we are adding 2 months of's memory gym for free! We are the only memory course on the market that makes use of cutting-edge scientific research in order to maximize your learning curve. That means you remember more with less time and effort.



"You can master the power of your memory and change the way you tackle life. Using powerful techniques that will transform your thought life, this course is a great investment! I recommend these techniques to any person who is committed to working with a large number of important relationships. Nothing is more powerful than remembering a colleague's name!"

Craig, Executive Pastor
Gateway Church
Southlake, Tx